Today we’ve added information for GICS (Global Industry Classification Standard) in our fundamental API. In total, we have GICS information for more than 31000 US and non-US companies. The GICS hierarchy begins with 11 sectors and is followed by 24 industry groups, 68 industries, and 157 sub-industries. Each stock that is classified will have coding at all four of these levels.

More information about this classification standard you can get on Investopedia.

GICS for US and non-US companies are provided in our Fundamentals API under the following fields

  • GicGroup. An example for AAPL: “Technology Hardware & Equipment”,
  • GicSector. An example for AAPL: “Information Technology”,
  • GicIndustry. An example for AAPL: “Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals”,
  • GicSubIndustry. An example for AAPL: “Technology Hardware, Storage & Peripherals”

More information about our Fundamental API with live examples for AAPL and VTI you can get on the documentation page.

And we always happy to add more data by your requests!