It’s very easy to use our API with R language, below you can find a very simple example with explanations for R developers.

api.token <- "YOUR_API_KEY_HERE"
symbol <- "AAPL.US" <- paste("", symbol, "?api_token=", api.token, "&period=m&order=d", sep="")
data <- read.csv(url(

For testing purposes, you can use this API Key:


Works with AAPL.US only.

If you run this code in RStudio (or any other software for R), you will get the following output:

R output for EOD stocks data API

As you see, it’s easy to use. Usually, if you used before Yahoo Finance, then URL variable should look like this:…..

and basically, all you need is to change the beginning of the URL to

and then add your API Key as an additional parameter.

Please note, that it’s better to use HTTP instead of HTTPS for R language.

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