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Candlestick Pattern Analysis with AI driven API's

Traders around the world rely on candlestick charts to anticipate price movements by recognizing patterns from the past. Our Candlestick Pattern Analysis API empowers you to harness these insights effortlessly. Many trading algorithms rely on the same price information presented in candlestick charts. For all EOD supported assets.

Key Features:

  1. Candlestick Pattern Detection:
    • Identify Active, In Range, and Finished candlestick patterns.
    • Gain deep insights into each detected pattern, enabling informed decision-making.
  2. Full Pattern Performance:
    • Access comprehensive performance analysis for each pattern to fine-tune your trading strategies.
  3. Pre-Pattern Trend Analysis:
    • Understand the market's previous trend leading up to each pattern, providing valuable context.
  4. Trade Strategy and Backtesting:
    • It includes quick trade strategies examples to specific patterns and it's correspondant backtesting.
  5. AI-Driven Classification:
    • Leverage advanced AI models to classify patterns into categories like Golden, Silver, Bronze, Standard, and Rejected, based on the effectiveness of each pattern.
    • Our AI models consistently improve the effectiveness of candlestick patterns by at least up to 10 percentage points, enhancing your trading decisions and potential returns.

Start using our API today and revolutionize the way you approach trading.


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