The project is interested in cooperation with financial & cryptocurrency bloggers, authors, & Reddit experts, and Youtubers of the same kind.
If you look for cooperation with a Financial Data APIs provider which utilizes cutting edge technology and comprehensively covers stocks and crypto market data though the most reliable data sources, then we suggest you learn our advantages for contributors.

All conditions are based on mutually beneficial long-term relationships.

1. Fast first income for financial content.
Any author can create content for a fixed price per guest post (discussed individually). Author will need to contribute unique content, negotitate it with our managers, send us an invoice and receive the funds. Easy and fast.

2. An extended referral program for authors confident in delivering popular content:
it includes a smaller prepaid reward, but greater profit in mid- and long-term periods.
Additionally, all publications will be marked with our referral tags, and taking into account an author’s popularity, we believe that every guest post or video may grant the author a more income perspective than the fixed price deal.

3. Unlimited data access for best authors.
In exchange for a first high-quality guest post or video published by a guest author on their resource, we will provide them with a 6-month “ALL-IN-ONE Package” subscription for free (costing $479.94, or 6 * $79.99, otherwise).

Successful contributors will be able to use our API for their personal needs, such as:
• making screencasts and tutorials for financial write-ups or youtube videos;
• providing financial data analysis services to clients;
• implementing financial data scraping by R, Python, Java, or any other language;
• tracking personal or clients’ Portfolio Performance;
• or any other use. A simple notice via email about data usage purposes would be enough in this case.

If you wish to create content for our community, please feel free to send an email to using “Academy content contribution” as subject.
In that email, please specify Tags, Topics and Academy Categories under which you would be able to distribute this content.

Following this email, the steps to our cooperation will be the following:
• a submitted draft;
• review of the draft;
• feedback;
• making changes if necessary;
• publishing of the material;
• promotion (optional)

A publication will need to contain:
• title – a clear message about the article’s contents, without misleading the reader;
• meta description – a brief summary of the article (200 chars max);
• suggested preview images – images or charts supplementing the article, credited to the author;
• internal links – the author can provide in-resource blogs as suggested reads, or snippets while referencing external articles, and even add relevant videos or resources;
• external links, including reports, images, graphs, downloadable content, references, stats, etc;
• spam, phishing and advertising links are not allowed.