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  • Flexibility: No long-term commitments, just a minimum of one month.
  • Instant access: Get your API key and instructions within seconds of subscribing.
  • Price stability: Locked-in rates for subscribed users, never changing.
Data feeds
Data redistribution rights
Data download to the corporate server
API Requests per Minute
API Calls per Day
Onboarding API calls
Support level
Bulk Fundamentals
Data Services Agreement
Market coverage
All-In-One for Business $199.00 $1990.00
$199.00 $165.83/month
All-In-One for Business
Custom dataset
Internal use only
Display and limited download
100’000 onboarding API calls
500’000 onboarding API calls
Priority email/webchat support
Personal manager
Public offer agreement
70+ exchanges
70+ exchanges
$199.00 /month $1990.00 /year
By request

Frequently asked questions

Absolutely. This feature is available with the Custom plan.
Onboarding API calls are an additional set of API calls for a one-time use included with any commercial usage package subscription. These calls are specifically intended to enhance the speed of downloading historical data during the onboarding process.
In such a case, we recommend selecting the Custom plan. This will allow us to provide you with the necessary Agreement as per your company's requirements.
We procure end-of-day (EOD) and delayed data through direct contracts with various exchanges, including Nasdaq Cloud API for USA data, LSE for UK data, and Cboe for European markets, encompassing over 60 exchanges. Fundamental data is collected from financial news providers, corporate websites, and annual reports, with direct extraction from for the USA and for Canada.
No, with the internal usage package, the data is restricted to being used solely within your company. Displaying the data or sharing it with individuals outside your company is not permissible under this package.
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