We have two types of API limit: Minute API Limit and Daily API limit.

IMPORTANT. We reset the daily limit on midnight GMT time. However, we do not reset the counter itself, the counter will be reset on any API request right after midnight GMT time. Before that, the counter shows the number of API requests on the last active day.

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Daily API Limit

Key Notes:

  • An API request is not the same as an API call; the API calls are a sort of currency for making requests.
  • The daily limit is restricted to 100 000 API calls.
  • Each request to Technical API, Intraday API and News API consumes 5 API calls.
  • Each request to Fundamental API, Options API, and Bond Fundamentals API consumes 10 API calls.
  • Each symbol request costs 1 API call (applicable to APIs whose requests costs 1 API call). For example, a Live API multiple tickers request with 10 symbols costs 10 API calls.
  • The same logic works for any multiple tickers API endpoints.
  • Any Bulk API for the entire exchange request costs 100 API calls for the entire exchange. And 100 API calls + N API calls in case of request of Bulk API with ‘symbols’ parameter, where N = the number of symbols.

It’s easy to check Daily API Limit on your Settings page.

If you need more than 100 000 API calls, every additional 100k API calls cost the price of your current subscription, with discounts starting at 500k. The process to increase the limit differs between PayPal and credit card subscriptions. For PayPal, you need to purchase extra subscriptions that would sum up (with the current one) to the amount of your need, and then tell us about that, we’ll increase the limit. For credit card subscriptions, you need to tell us about your desire to upgrade or downgrade the limit, and we’ll do that seamlessly from our side. In every case, the API key will remain the same.

Minute API Limit

Minute limit means that API is restricted to no more than 1000 requests per minute. It’s easy to check this limit with headers you get with every request:

  • X-RateLimit-Limit: 1000
  • X-RateLimit-Remaining: 998

It is advisable to spread out the requests more or less evenly throughout the minute, without making them go off all at once, to avoid getting a Too Many Requests error.

Additional API Calls

You can purchase additional API calls, which will only be used when your daily API limit is exhausted. These additional API calls will not expire and can be accumulated by purchasing additional calls again. To buy additional calls, navigate to the ‘Buy Extra Limits’ field on your account settings page at:


After specifying the number of additional API calls you want to add to your account, you will see the price and can proceed to payment by clicking the blue button.

Please note that additional API calls will not increase your daily limit, but instead provide a buffer for usage when you run out of your daily calls. If you would like to increase your daily limit, please contact support:


API Usage Statistics

To check your account’s usage statistics you can visit the following page:


To adjust the view of your API usage chart, you can select the period and type of API requests. The number displayed on the chart indicates how many times you have called the API.

To calculate how this has impacted your API limit, you need to multiply the number of calls by the cost per API request. For example, each intraday API call consumes 5 limit units (you can check the cost of each call on the documentation page for that particular API).

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