Corporate/Government Bonds fundamentals data

  • We support corporate bonds and government bonds in our datasets (for government bonds, see Economic Data API). There are always new corporate bonds on the market, if you didn’t find any particular bond, please contact us and we will add the data within 24 hours.
  • Bond fundamentals data could be accessed either via ISIN or via CUSIP IDs. Other IDs are not supported at the moment.

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Quick Start

To get bonds fundamental data feed, use the following URL:
  • DE000CB83CF0 is a CUSIP of a particular bond, it also could be an ISIN. Other IDs are not supported at the moment.
  • api_token – your API KEY, which we provide after registration, to get access to bonds API you should be subscribed to the ‘Bonds Data API’ package.

For Bonds Fundamental Data we provide the following fields

  • Isin, Cusip
  • Name
  • UpdateDate
  • Currency
  • Coupon
  • Last Trade Date
  • Maturity Date
  • NextCallDate
  • Minimum Settlement Amount
  • Par Integral Multiple
  • Issue Data
    • Issue Date
    • Offering Date
    • First Coupon Date
    • First Trading Day
    • Coupon Payment Frequency
    • Issuer, Issuer Description
    • Issuer Country, Issuer URL: null

As a result, you will get the following data in JSON format only (clicking on the image will open a page with JSON data).

Register & Get Data

We have API limits 100 000 requests per day. Each symbol request costs 10 API calls.

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