In the realm of financial markets, the speed and accuracy of information are pivotal for successful trading. Acquiring intraday prices is an integral part of the workflow for many investors and traders aiming to leverage price fluctuations within the trading day. This article delves into methods of obtaining intraday prices using the EODHD Google Sheets Add-in and explores how this information can be utilized to make investment decisions and optimize trading strategies.

Register & Get Data

Before continue to work with our APIs, make sure that you installed and configured our Add-in. More detailed information about functions of EOD API you can find on our documentation web-page.

1. Use “DEMO” API key to test our data from a limited set of the tickers without registering:
Real-Time Data and All the APIs (except bulk) are included without limitations on API calls.
2. Register to get your free API key (limited by 20 API calls per day) with access to:
End-Of-Day Historical Data with only past year for any ticker and List of tickers per Exchange
3. To unlock your API key, we recommend choosing a subscription which covers your needs.

Retrieving Intraday Historical Data

After entering the API key, you need to click the “GET DATA” button, and you’ll be taken to the main Add-in interface. To obtain Intraday prices, you need to select “Intraday Historical Data”, enter the required ticker, pick output interval (1-minute, 5-minute, 1-hour), and set the time interval. You can also check the box to get the chart along with the data. Then click the GET button, and you’re done.

Please note that the maximum periods between ‘from’ and ‘to’ are 120 days for 1-minute intervals, 600 days for 5-minute intervals and 7200 days for 1-hour intervals (this is the maximum theoretically possible length).

Data for all exchanges is provided in the UTC timezone, with Unix timestamps.

Each symbol request costs 5 API calls.

Here is the example of 1-minute data:

Here is the example of 5-minute data:

Here is the example of 1-hour data:


Using our Add-in to fetch intraday data into Google Sheets offers swift and straightforward real-time access to information. Not only does it simplify data retrieval, but it also unlocks extensive opportunities for in-depth analysis, enabling the creation of diverse reports and visuals for a more precise understanding of market dynamics.

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