A comprehensive C# .NET Financial API Stock Wrapper for all our Financial APIs, including End-of-Day API, Fundamental API, Options API, and others. You can find the project on GitHub EODHistoricalData.Wrapper.

The wrapper is easy to use. This C# .NET wrapper for stock API is a stand-alone .NET project. The project is open source and if you need better code understanding and/or debug possibilities, you can download the source code from the same GitHub repository.

General Information

This library is the C# .NET SDK for the EOD Historical data REST API. It’s intended to be used for data extraction for financial valuations, macroeconomic analyses, sentiment analysis, option strategies, technical analysis, development of machine learning models, and more!

Supported Financial APIs

The C# .NET Financial API Wrapper for our financial data APIs covers all endpoints we have such as:

  • Historical Prices, Splits, and Dividends Data APIs, including end-of-day data API, Live and Intraday Data API, and other stock prices data.
  • Fundamental and Economic Financial Data APIs, including Fundamental Data APIs for Stocks, ETFs and Mutual funds, Bond API, Economic Data API, and others.
  • Exchanges Financial APIs, including Bulk APIs, List of Tickers APIs, Trading Hours and Market Holidays API, and others.

For more information about the C# .NET Wrapper for stock and fundamental data API, you can on the GitHub page of the project here: EODHistoricalData.Wrapper.

You can also check our other SDKs for different programming languages or even Ready-to-Go Solutions without coding.

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