Commercial Usage Terms

The packages on the pricing page are intended for personal use only as commercial use requires a more thorough approach to licensing and data use. Thanks for your cooperation! On this page, you can find more details on the commercial use and leave a request for a quote.

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Commercial Usage Frequently Asked Questions

Do you offer commercial subscriptions?

Yes, we work with both startups and established businesses. 

How to identify if you are a professional or an individual user?

In regards to Professional and Private Investors, we follow the lead of the exchanges that we work with. According to most of the exchanges, a professional user is any regulated individual, institution, or business. A Private Investor is any non-regulated user e.g. a retail user. If you have questions or doubts about whether your case classifies as commercial use do not hesitate to reach out to

How fast can I get the commercial license?

We can onboard you as a commercial user in as little as 3 business days. Please feel free to let us know if you require the data urgently.

Why do you need to get a professional user status?

As a financial data provider, we are committed to ensuring the highest standards of compliance with regulatory requirements. As part of this commitment, we are required to report all commercial users of exchange data to the relevant exchanges.

This practice is followed by all data providers and is crucial in mitigating the risks of fines from the exchanges. The correct reporting of commercial users is necessary to ensure that we comply with our contractual obligations with the exchanges.

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