We use our own sentimental analysis to provide the aggregated data by day. Every minute we analyze news, detect positive and negative mentions from the text data, and then normalize all mentions to provide daily sentimental scores for any ticker. Stocks, ETFs, Forex, and Cryptocurrencies are supported.

Financial News Sentiment Data API

The Financial News aggregated sentiment data we collect from the financial news for stocks, ETFs, Forex, and cryptocurrencies data. The data is aggregated by day.

To get the aggregated sentiment data use the following URL:

  • s. [REQUIRED]. parameter to your URL and you will be able to get data for multiple tickers at one request, all tickers should be separated with a comma. Check the list of supported exchanges to get more information about the stock markets we do support.
  • api_token. [REQUIRED]. your own API KEY, which you will get after you subscribe to our services.
  • from and to. [OPTIONAL] – the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. If you need data from Jan 5, 2022 to Feb 10, 2022, you should use from=2022-01-05 and to=2022-02-10.

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Financial News Sentiment Data Output

The output for sentiment data financial API is divided by ticker codes used with “s=” parameter. Please note that tickers codes are normalized in the output.

  • date. The date of sentimental data aggregation.
  • count. The number of news used for data aggregation.
  • normalized. The sentiment score is based on negative and positive mentions normalized with possible values [-1;1].
Sentimental Data Financial API

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