Quick Start

The Stock Market and Financial News API is available under all subscriptions. Each Financial News API request consumes 5 API calls. The Financial News API is a powerful tool that helps you get company news and filter out them by date, type of news and certain tickers with the given parameters.

You can also check our Sentiment Data API for News and Tweets.

For testing purposes you can try the following API Key (works only for AAPL.US ticker):  demo. An example of a URL for the Stock Market and Financial News API:



  • s: String. REQUIRED if parameter ‘t’ is not set. The ticker code to get news for.
  • t: String. REQUIRED if parameter ‘s’ is not set. The tag to get news on a given topic. The list of supported topics you can find at the bottom of this page:
  • api_token: String. REQUIRED. Your api_token to access the API. You will get it after registration.
  • from and to – the format is ‘YYYY-MM-DD’. If you need data from Mar 1, 2021, to Mar 10, 2021, you should use from=2021-03-01 and to=2021-03-10.
  • limit: Number. OPTIONAL. The number of results should be returned with the query. Default value: 50, minimum value: 1, maximum value: 1000.
  • offset: Number. OPTIONAL. The offset of the data. Default value: 0, minimum value: 0. For example, to get 100 symbols starting from 200 you should use limit=100 and offset=200.


The output provided in JSON contains the following fields:

  • date. The date and time of the article are in ISO 8601 format.
  • title. The title of the article.
  • content. The full body of the article.
  • link. The link to the source.
  • symbols. The array of ticker symbols is mentioned in the article.
Financial News API

List of Supported Tags for Financial News

We have more than 50 tags to get news for a given topic, this list is expanding, below you can find all recommended tags in alphabet order:

'balance sheet', 'capital employed', 'class action', 'company announcement', 'consensus eps estimate', 'consensus estimate', 'credit rating', 'discounted cash flow', 'dividend payments', 'earnings estimate', 'earnings growth', 'earnings per share', 'earnings release', 'earnings report', 'earnings results', 'earnings surprise', 'estimate revisions', 'european regulatory news', 'financial results', 'fourth quarter', 'free cash flow', 'future cash flows', 'growth rate', 'initial public offering', 'insider ownership', 'insider transactions', 'institutional investors', 'institutional ownership', 'intrinsic value', 'market research reports', 'net income', 'operating income', 'present value', 'press releases', 'price target', 'quarterly earnings', 'quarterly results', 'ratings', 'research analysis and reports', 'return on equity', 'revenue estimates', 'revenue growth', 'roce', 'roe', 'share price', 'shareholder rights', 'shareholder', 'shares outstanding', 'strong buy', 'total revenue', 'zacks investment research', 'zacks rank'

Important Notes

Please note that each API request for Financial News API consumes 5 API calls. We are also open to any feedback and ready to add any new field and signal you are interested in our Financial News API. Just send us an email to support@eodhistoricaldata.com.