To get user details you can use our User API. The usage is very simple:


As a result you will get the following array:

  • name. The name of the subscriber associated with the given API token.
  • email. The email of the subscriber associated with the given API token.
  • subscriptionType. Possible values: monthly, yearly.
  • paymentMethod. Possible values: PayPal and Stripe (for direct card payments).
  • apiRequests. The number of API requests on the latest day of API usage (the day that any request was made). Please note, that the number of API requests resets at midnight GMT, but you will see the limit for the previous day until an API request is made after the reset.
  • apiRequestsDate. The date of the latest API request.
  • dailyRateLimit. The daily rate limit, the maximum number of API calls per day.
  • extraLimit. The remaining amount of additionally purchased API calls.
  • inviteToken. The invitation token for the affiliate program.
  • inviteTokenClicked. The amount of token clicks.

Below you can find the example of output.

More about out API limits you can read in our documentation.