Today we publish update Dividends API with two new fields: currency and unadjusted value or unadjusted dividend payment.

The currency field indicates the currency in which dividends were provided, in most cases the dividend currency is the same as prices currency, but in several cases, mostly occurred in EU exchanges, the dividend currency could be different and there is an indicator for it.

The unadjusted dividend value another very important field for those who perform deep dividend analysis. Most sources provide dividend payments already adjusted to splits, but several dividend strategies need the unadjusted dividend values.

Check our Dividend API to get more information about dividends, adjusted and unadjusted dividend payments, payment dates, ex-dates and record and declaration dates.

We do all adjustments on our side, more information you can read in our article: Adjusted Closes and Closes. What’s the Difference?

Check our Dividend API to get more information about this data.