Today we are happy to announce our brand new Screener API. The Screener API is a powerful tool that helps you filter out tickers with the given parameters. Imagine that you can easily filter all companies with Market Capitalization above 1 billion, have only positive EPS within the ‘Personal Products’ industry, and with names starting with the letter ‘B’. Or get only tickers that have new lows for the past 200 days and the Book Value is negative.

Yes, it’s easy now with our new Screener API. At the start, we support several fundamental data fields like Market Capitalization, EPS, Dividend Yield, and pre-calculated fields called ‘signals’ like new 50/200 days highs or lows, and others. Learn more in our Financial APIs Documentation.

Screener API Output

The Screener API is accessible through the ‘All World Extended’ and ‘All-In-One’ data packages. Each request made using the Screener API consumes 5 API calls. We continuously develop new signals and supported fields, and are able to incorporate additional ones upon request. Learn more about our plans here.

More on Screener API:


  1. Fernando Sobrevilla

    Thanks for the information but it does not answer my question. I wanto for the year 2019, day by day, the one minute data (open, high, low, close) for all the symbols of NYSE, NASDAQ and AMEX. How could I download them, and what is the cost ?

  2. luca benzi

    it is possible to obtain this information (for intraday trading):
    High of Day Momentum Scanner
    Top Relative Volume
    Top 5 Minimum Volume
    Top Gainers
    Top Losers
    and which is the latency?