Eventually, we are happy to announce our brand new Exchanges API with list of tickers and trading hours. First of all, of course, this API provides the full list of exchanges we do support in the JSON format. But it’s not the best feature of our new exchanges API.

We added several significant fields:

  • ‘isOpen’ – it’s easy now to get information if the exchange open or not.
  • ‘ActiveTickers’ – tickers are traded on the exchange with any activity for the past two months.
  • ‘UpdatedTickers’ – tickers updated for the current day, it’s easy to understand now the exact time when you should update your data.

Also, in the Exchange Details endpoint we provide trading hours and working days for each exchange. It’s very important, because some Asia exchanges have lunchtime and, for example Tel-Aviv exchange does not work on Fridays and Saturdays, but works on Sundays. All of them are different and we count it.