We have created and proud to announce two simple examples of using our API with F# (F Sharp) and we believe that it will help to start working with our API very quick.

It’s very easy to install it. First, you should download f_sharp_bundle.zip. In this archive, you will find three files:

  • Program.fs
  • Download.fs
  • EOD.csv

The two text files contain the F# (F-Sharp) code that downloads data from EodHistoricalData API. The file Download.fs must be above Program.fs in the Visual Studio solution, as the order of files matters in F#, differently from other languages like C#.

The CSV file contains a list of tickers to be downloaded. It is an example of the kind of file that is read by the F# program.

For testing purposes, you can use this API Key: api_token=OeAFFmMliFG5orCUuwAKQ8l4WWFQ67YX. Works with AAPL.US only.

More information you can find on F# Documentation Page.