We continue our updates for Dividends Data Feed. Recently we announced new fields for dividends: Declaration Date, Payment Date, and Record date. And today we added a new field: period. At the moment we support major tickers from the USA, London Stock Exchange, and Honk Kong. Possible values for the dividends period field vary and depend on the exchange: Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annul, Annual, Interim, Final, and Others.

Please note that this data is available only in JSON format. The full list of fields for dividends now as below:

  • Ex-dividend date.
  • Declaration date.
  • Record date.
  • Payment date.
  • Period.
  • Value.

Example of dividends with period field for US exchanges:

Example of dividends for HK and LSE exchanges:

Sometimes very easy to get confused with all these dates for dividends, and we wrote a brief summary here:

  • The ex-dividend date (or just date in our API) is the trading date on (and after) which the dividend is not owed to a new buyer of the stock. The ex-dividend date is one business day before the date of the record.
  • The declaration date is the day on which the board of directors announces (or declares) the dividend.
  • The record date is the day on which the company checks its records to identify shareholders of the company. An investor must be listed on that date to be eligible for a dividend payout.
  • The payment date is the day the company pays the dividend to all holders. This may be a week or more after the date of the record date.
  • The period is the type of payment for dividends, for the moment it could be Monthly, Quarterly, Semi-Annul, Annual, Interim, Final, and Others.

More information you can read in our documentation page with API for dividends and splits.