We’ve added several new fields to ‘General’ section for almost all major US companies in our Fundamentals Data Feed. Here is a full list of added fields:

  • Address. The registered company headquarters address.
  • WebURL. The web URL of the main site.
  • Phone.
  • CIK. CIK Identification.
  • EmployerIdNumber. Employer Identification Number
  • FiscalYearEnd. The name of the month of the Fiscal Year End.
  • IPODate. The date of the IPO of the company.
  • InternationalDomestic. The flag which indicates if a company operates on International or Domestic or Both markets.

As usual, you can check a live example for AAPL.US on our documentation page: https://eodhistoricaldata.com/knowledgebase/stock-etfs-fundamental-data-feeds/ with a demo API key. Soon we’ll add much more historical fundamentals data for non-US companies.

Stay tuned!