We are proud to announce our brand new search API for stocks, ETFs, mutual funds and indices. Since we have more than 120,000 tickers in our database, we clearly understand how it’s hard to find appropriate ticker even if you know the name of the company or the code. That’s why we’ve developed our own search engine which not only finds but also has a special algorithm for ranking results with several parameters.


Our Search API for Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, and Indices is one of the best ways to quickly search assets either by code or by company or asset name. Our search engine automatically understands if there asset name or code and prioritize the search fields accordingly. The search engine has several parameters for result ordering. We take into account not only search query but also market capitalization and the average trading volume for the past period.

You always will be sure that the symbols we provide by our search engine are active and have higher priority. For example, if you search for ‘AAPL,’ you will always get AAPL.US (traded on NASDAQ) on the first place instead of AAPL.MX (traded on Mexican stock exchange), because of trading volumes.

Stock Search API

The Demo API key does not work for search API, but you can get access to the stock search by registering in our service and getting the free API key. Each request to the Search Stocks API consumes 1 API call from daily API limit.

For more information, exact query parameters and examples of output, please read our documentation page for Search Stocks API.