This week we added end-of-day (EOD) data for 18 Norway government bonds to our Economic Data API. The bond API data provided on daily basis and available for the past ten years.

The national government bonds are often considered as low-risk investments since the issuing government backs them. Most investors have government bonds in their portfolios. A government bond is a debt security issued to support government spending and obligations (see more on Investopedia). These bonds also very often pay periodic coupon payments.

The full list of newly added Norway government bonds you can find in the table below, meanwhile the full list of government bonds includes different bonds for more than 15 countries.

OBTBAOB Treasury Bills All Index
ST1XStatsobligasjonsind. 0.25
ST2XStatsobligasjonsind. 0.50
ST3XStatsobligasjonsind. 1.00
ST4XStatsobligasjonsind. 3.00
ST5XStatsobligasjonsind. 5.00
OBGBAOB Govt Bonds All Index
OBGBU5YOB Govt Bonds less 5 year Index
OBGBO5YOB Govt Bonds more 5 year Index
OBGBF1YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 1y Index
OBGBF2YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 2y Index
OBGBF3YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 3y Index
OBGBF4YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 4y Index
OBGBF5YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 5y Index
OBGBF6YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 6y Index
OBGBF7YOB Govt Bonds Fixed Maturity 7y Index
OBTBU180DOB Treasury Bills less 180 days Index
OBTBO180DOB Treasury Bills more 180 days Index

More information about this and other data you can find in our Economic Data API. Within the Economic API we also provide LIBOR (The London Inter-bank Offered Rate) rates for different currencies, EURIBOR (Euro Interbank Offered Rate) futures and rates, and STIBOR (Stockholm Interbank Offered Rate) rates. And, in addition, Euro foreign exchange reference rates from ECB (European Central Bank).

Let us know if you miss anything, we are happy to add more data.