Eventually, we are happy to announce the publishing of the real-time data via WebSockets with a delay of less than 50ms for the USA market, FOREX, and Cryptocurrencies. For USA stocks the real-time data API supports pre-market and post-market hours (from 4:00 am till 8:00 pm EST). WebSockets API is available within All World Extended and/or All-In-One packages. Read more on the Real-Time API Documentation Page.

We support trade and quote data for the US market, the data is provided via different WebSocket endpoints:

  • US market trade data: wss://ws.eodhistoricaldata.com/ws/us?api_token=XXX
  • US market quote data: wss://ws.eodhistoricaldata.com/ws/us-quote?api_token=XXX

For FOREX and Crypto feeds please use the following WebSocket endpoints:

  • FOREX: wss://ws.eodhistoricaldata.com/ws/forex?api_token=XXX
  • Cryptocurrencies: wss://ws.eodhistoricaldata.com/ws/crypto?api_token=XXX

More information you can get on our Real-Time API Documentation page.