Recently we announced Financial News API and today we added tags to get news for a given topic only. It’s very useful, if you need to get announcements about paid dividends, earnings estimates, press releases and many other company activities published in news all around the world.

At the moment, we have more than 50 tags to get news for a given topic, this list is continuously expanding, below you can find all recommended tags in alphabet order:

'balance sheet', 'capital employed', 'class action', 'company announcement', 'consensus eps estimate', 'consensus estimate', 'credit rating', 'discounted cash flow', 'dividend payments', 'earnings estimate', 'earnings growth', 'earnings per share', 'earnings release', 'earnings report', 'earnings results', 'earnings surprise', 'estimate revisions', 'european regulatory news', 'financial results', 'fourth quarter', 'free cash flow', 'future cash flows', 'growth rate', 'initial public offering', 'insider ownership', 'insider transactions', 'institutional investors', 'institutional ownership', 'intrinsic value', 'market research reports', 'net income', 'operating income', 'present value', 'press releases', 'price target', 'quarterly earnings', 'quarterly results', 'ratings', 'research analysis and reports', 'return on equity', 'revenue estimates', 'revenue growth', 'roce', 'roe', 'share price', 'shareholder rights', 'shareholder', 'shares outstanding', 'strong buy', 'total revenue', 'zacks investment research', 'zacks rank'

More information regarding Financial News API with possible parameters and an updated list of tags you can read in our documentation.