We are proud to announce the new application of our partners. Total Returns Stocks Dividends iOS mobile application launched by US and Canadian researchers using our data.

In the words of external reviewers:

This is a great app for long term investors and advisers….the only one to give and compare TOTAL RETURNS on ETFs, Mutual funds, global stocks. Helps me unmask investment selections that show the full impact of bond interest and stock dividends, that most websites fail to show.

Great research tool. A rare one-stop source of comparative total return data. Easy to use.

Basically the Total Returns App does two things that most websites don’t do or is hard to do. 

In the compare mode, it plots Total Return performance charts, not just ‘price charts’ — this makes a huge difference if comparing high dividend assets or bond funds. This issue is so serious that it was discussed in the Wall Street Journal 2011:

This application is a solution to that problem discussed in the WSJ and has been live since 2012 with thousands of global downloads [correctcharts.com for more on the app’s research and history, app images on https://www.facebook.com/CorrectCharts/. The mobile application is often used by Financial Planners and Mutual Fund salespeople to show to their clients the true performance of their products, not just the price changes. This also lowers the volatility of the chart and helps the clients see the product more realistically.

The mobile application is powered by EOD Historical Data who use large scale computing to provide clean, reliable dividend and interest data on over 20,000 stocks and 20 global indices, with a history going back to 1962, thus enabling the user to research their performance over long periods and periods of market stress. The App is meant as a research tool and is not trading oriented.

Secondly, the application allows the user to very easily see back performance in a time slice. So one could see how bonds vs stocks vs real estate ETFs did over the period say 1/2007 to 3/2009, even though the current date may be 1/2019. All of this can be done while riding the subway! One hand operation, no need for tables, Excel, desktops or Bloomberg terminals that can cost $20,000 / yr. This is very useful to estimate how a current set of ETF’s or stocks or funds behaved in previous volatile periods.

Pank Agrrawal Ph.D. also a Finance professor in Maine, USA, who developed the
Total Returns Stocks Dividends says:

our team surveyed many other sites that provide this type of adjusted data series, the quality and depth of EODHISTORICALDATA was much better and combined with their 24/7 knowledgeable tech support and competitive pricing, made it easy for us to chose them as our Data provider. For such a product the uptime has to be 100%, and EOD has that.

Thank you!