From today and the upcoming week, we are rolling out a big update for Fundamental API. We expanded our Fundamental data for financial reports both horizontally (more fields in different reports) and vertically (data is deeper and has a longer history). The update affects US exchange and all major EU, South America, and Asia exchanges. All current fields are the same and did not change. Below you can find the details on these changes.

Key Notes on the current update:

  1. The data is deeper now. For example, for AAPL (Apple Inc) we have some data, like EBITDA and Operating Income from 1985.
  2. New fields in Income Statement: EBITDA, depreciationAndAmortization, reconciledDepreciation.
  3. New fields in Balance Sheet: netDebt, netWorkingCapital, netInvestedCapital.
  4. New fields in Cash Flow: changeInWorkingCapital, otherNonCashItems, freeCashFlow.
Financial Report Fundamenal API

More information on our Fundamental API you can find on our Financial API Documentation.