Financial Data Connector installation guide

The adapter can be installed to NinjaTrader by navigating to the NinjaTrader Tools menu > Import > NinjaScript and selecting the .ZIP file

After selecting the file and successfully importing the connection, you will see the following information window

To configure the adapter you need to open the connections window. Connections > Configure

In the Connections window, select EODHD financial APIs and add it to your connections. EODHD Financial APIs > Add

After adding the adapter, you can change its name and enter your Api key. Don’t forget to save the changes.

The last step to start using the connection is to simply turn on the adapter. The signal in the lower left corner of the screen will turn green.

Activation and EOD + Inraday data obtaining process

Activate the EODHD Financial Data Connector

Start to create the chart

Choose the needed ticker

Customize the tickers data

Congrats, the chart is ready for any type of analysis

Transmitting Stocks Fundamentals to the NT Market Analyzer

Go to the NinjaTrader Tools menu > New > Market Analyzer
NinjaTrader-Market-Analyzer- start

Choose columns
NinjaTrader-Market-Analyzer- choose-columns

Specify the data categories you would like to analyze
NinjaTrader-Market-Analyzer- specify-data-categories

Choose the tickers to get fundamentals data for them
NinjaTrader-Market-Analyzer- choose-tickers-to-get-fundamentals

Done, you are successfully transmitted Stocks Fundamentals Data to the NinjaTrader Market Analyzer
NinjaTrader-Market-Analyzer- successful-Stocks-Fundamentals-Data-transmiting

Financial Data Connector uninstallation guide

To remove the connection use the Tools menu > Remove NinjaScript Assembly

Select all 3 DLL files and press Remove

Register & Get Data