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Power BI connector for Financial Data APIs

At the moment we do support 3 API endpoints for Power BI:

  • EOD End of day data API
  • EOD Intraday data API
  • EOD Fundamental data API

Those connectors help you import the data from the EOD service. All demo and free access keys would work fine with EOD connectors.

How to install connectors on your Power BI desktop application?

First, you have to download the custom connector using the link below:

Power BI Connector for Financial Data APIs.

After that, you have to put the ‘Microsoft Power BI Desktop’ folder from the downloaded ZIP file into your user’s documents folder (C:\Users\…).

The next step is to allow Power BI to use EOD custom connectors by adjusting Power BI security settings.

  1. Start the Power BI Desktop application.
  2. Press the‘ File’ menu button in the upper left corner:
  1. To choose ‘Options and settings’ and click on ‘Options’
  1. In the opened window you have to choose the ‘Security’ tab and in the ‘Data Extensions’ section change settings on ‘Allow any extension to load without validation..’, click Ok, and restart the application.

Now your Power BI is ready to start working with EOD connectors.

Import EOD End of day data

To import the End-of-Day API data you have to click on ‘Get data’ from the Home tab. In the window, choose the ‘EOD End of day data’ connector from the list of connectors and click Connect.

Then flag a ‘Don’t warn me again’ checkbox in the next window and click Continue.

After that, you have to fill in import fields to get data at the end-of-day box.

To start importing the data you have to insert the API key, which you should have got after been registered on our service web page. You could use demo keys in cases listed in our documentation. For MCD.US for example you could type demo in the Account key field to get an example of the connector output.

After that you will get a window with the table of the data you get from the quarry. You will have options to press load and import the data into your report or adjust the quarry. To adjust the data click on the ‘Transform data’ button. After you have been satisfied with the data you wanted click ‘Close and apply’.

Power BI connector for Financial Data APIs

And you’ll see a new data field imported from the EOD server on the right which is ready to use in your reports for tables and visualizations.

Import EOD Intraday data

The next connector is used to get Intraday Historical data from the EODHD API server, you need to choose the ‘EOD End of day data’ connector from the list of connectors and click Connect.

After you filled the quarry form press Ok and then in the next window ‘Load’ button.

Now the EOD Intraday data is ready for your analysis. You’ll find imported fields on the right side of your screen.

Import EOD Fundamental data

For the Fundamental data you need to use the ‘EOD Fundamental data’ connector, you need to choose the connector from your list of connectors and click Connect.

After that you have to fill the ticker field and press Ok.

This will get you to the Query editor window where you could get a look for the structure of the data you’ll import into your document. You need to choose which data you need to import and click on the field then click ‘Into Table’

After that you need to press on ‘Close and apply’. And you will import the data you need for the report.

For any additional information about our API or the terms of using our data, please contact our support team, which will be happy to guide you through the process.

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