We have a partnership and integration with XLQ2 from QMatix. Check more details about the integration on XLQ2 – EODHD page.

XLQ2 is a stand-alone C++ application, which delivers live, intraday, and historic market and fundamental data from multiple data sources (covering almost all world markets) simultaneously for use in xlq2, xlqCompanion, MS Excel, or via other programs or programming languages through a COM interface. It has been in constant development since its initial release in 2000 providing over 700 formulae. XLQ2 allows you to maintain a portfolio or perform personalized in-depth stock analysis the way you want, in the format you want, and with the tools you want.

Xlq2 provides in-depth coverage of most EOD Historical Data data allowing you to display it in different ways via Excel formulae, to browse the data with detailed views, or to work with the downloaded files. Sample workbooks are included with the install and a free trial is available on request.

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