Despite these difficult times all over the world, we are keeping provide our services 24/7. Meanwhile, due to confinement, Internet traffic and the load on Internet providers has grown significantly. And sometimes this leads to a slowdown between servers and our subscribers. Periodically, you ask if our servers are working or not.

We always monitor the health of our servers and subsystems with several 3rd-party monitoring services, and today we decided to publish the monitoring URL for you: EOD Uptime Data.

As you see, we have almost 100% availability for all the services we do provide for you.

Thanks and be careful with COVID-19!


  1. Daniel Hoechle

    Dear EOD-team,

    You are doing a great job. You did so before the Corona-crisis as well as now. I very much like to utilize your api. As a user, I can confirm that the API runs very reliably. Moreover, I would like to add that as far as I can jugde the data quality of your offering seems very good. In fact, I carefully cross-checked the data from your fundamental api with the figures in the companies’ annual reports. The data match up very well.

    Keep on doing your great job.


    1. Amos

      I want to +1 what Daniel wrote. You are doing a great job and even when there are data issues, they are fixed in no time. Kudos for that!

  2. IR

    Great work, and super useful to be able to see uptime status for servers. Eagerly looking forward to real-time options data soon as well. Stay safe and keep up the great work!

  3. Arun

    EOD is an amazing provider of financial data. I have experience of using enterprise class vendors as well, and EOD’s APIs are second to none, the customer support is the best I have ever experienced, and the depth and breadth of coverage is very good. Another distinguishing characteristic is that its customer service team is very open to suggestions and has accepted a few of my suggestions and actioned them once it felt that they might add value and that would help its customers. Keep up the excellent work.