The past month we worked hard on improving our US fundamental data feed. We fixed gaps in quarterly and yearly data and re-calculated all data fields for Balance Sheet, Cash Flow, and Income Statement historical data starting from 2009 for all US companies from NYSE and NASDAQ.

We also added 24 new data fields for US companies traded on the NYSE and NASDAQ. 3 new fields for Income Statement, 17 new fields for Balance Sheet and 4 new fields for Cash Flow. Then we recommend to re-download the entire fundamental data you use with our API.

New data is available only in JSON API, not CSV Bulk Fundamentals. Below is a full list of newly added fields.

Income Statement

  • nonOperatingIncomeNetOther
  • preferredStockAndOtherAdjustments
  • incomeNetApplicableToCommonShares

Cash Flow

  • changeReceivables
  • cashFlowsOtherOperating
  • exchangeRateChanges
  • cashAndCashEquivalentsChanges

Balance Sheet

  • accumulatedAmortization
  • nonCurrrentAssetsOther
  • deferredLongTermAssetCharges
  • nonCurrentAssetsTotal
  • shortTermDebt
  • capitalLeaseObligations
  • longTermDebtTotal
  • nonCurrentLiabilitiesOther
  • nonCurrentLiabilitiesTotal
  • negativeGoodwill
  • warrants
  • preferredStockRedeemable
  • capitalSurpluse
  • liabilitiesAndStockholdersEquity
  • cashAndShortTermInvestments
  • propertyPlantAndEquipmentGross
  • accumulatedDepreciation

More information you can get in our documentation page for Fundamental Data Feed.


  1. Michael Seneadza

    Good stuff but I think you should reword this: “The past month we hardly worked”. I think you’re trying to say that you “worked hard”. “Hardly worked” means you didn’t do much. 🙂