Historical earnings (also known as EPS or Earnings Per Share) reports are very important data for all investors and traders. We do provide this data in our Fundamental API, but previously the data had been limited to the past several years only. And this week we delivered a huge update for earnings history with the significantly increased database. The update affected all US companies traded on major exchanges. And also all major non-US companies on EU, UK, Asia, LATAM and other exchanges.

Only for US companies, we have more than 407,000 records for historical earnings for the moment. For example, for AAPL, we have the data from December 1993 and it’s more than 25 years of the quarterly data.

For the latest earnings, we have the following fields: period date (the latest day of the quarter), report date, actual earnings, estimated earnings and difference. For earlier earnings we have an only period date, report date and actual earnings.

Example of historical earnings data for AAPL in JSON format below. You also can get the full history for AAPL on our documentation page.

Historical earnings (EPS) for AAPL in JSON format

More information on our Fundamental API with the live example for AAPL (Apple Inc) you can find in our documentation.