Sometimes you ask us what services use our data. On the other hand, we always happy to highlight services with our data who ask for it. And we are happy to publish this highlight since we also believe that this iOS application for calculating Total Returns could be useful for some of our users.

EOD Historical Data Powered Total Return iApp for Dividend Charts.

Uncover the underlying dividends and bond interest with a finance app built specifically for charting Total Returns (includes dividends and interest) on over 10,000 global stocks, mutual funds, ETFs. Compare multiple securities for a clean graphical output that ranks them by cumulative percent growth. Designed by a finance professor, with data collaboration from and research featured in the WSJ (2011).

The app also plots two simultaneous lines for the same ticker, enabling the user to instantly see the impact of dividends/interest on performance.  You can download the application directly from the App Store for a one time discounted special price.


  1. P A

    EOD you do a great job with providing clean Adjusted Prices. Happy to build an app that shows charts with Total Returns that include dividends and bond interest.