Here is a quick but comprehensive guide for the most popular API endpoints to start with our Financial Data APIs. All examples we provide in JSON and we highly recommend installing JSON Viewer Plugin for Chrome before testing.

If you are unfamiliar with APIs, you can use:

Google Sheets Add-In or Excel Financial Add-In
both Add-Ins support End of Day (with charts), Intraday, and Fundamental Data APIs.

Some APIs do not work with a demo key, you need to Register and get your Free API key for testing purposes.

Let’s start! The best way to start is to use our Exchanges and Get List of Tickers APIs:

Get the list of all supported exchanges with codes (please note that this specific API only returns data in json format): 

And then get the list of tickers per exchange (for the USA the exchange code will be ‘US’; please note that this API can return data in both csv and json format, the default – with no &fmt specified – being csv):{EXCHANGE_CODE}?api_token={YOUR_API_KEY}&fmt=json

To download End Of Day (EOD data) please use our End-Of-Day Historical Stock Market Data API:


To download Live/Delayed (15-minutes delayed data) please use our Live (Delayed) Stock Prices API:


To download Fundamental Data please use our Fundamental Data: Stocks, ETFs, Mutual Funds, Indices:


To download Intraday Data please use our Intraday Historical Data API:


To download Splits please use our Historical Splits and Dividends API:


To download Dividends please use our Historical Splits and Dividends API:


To Search stocks and any other assets please use our Search API:{query_string}?api_token=YOUR_API_TOKEN

And finally, we recommend reading our documentation and exploring more Financial APIs, we have more than 50+ API endpoints for the data.