If you are not familiar with any programming languages, one of the best ways to extract or export the data is a Google Sheets Add-In for end-of-the-day (EOD), Intraday, and Fundamental Data APIs. Our Financial Data JSON API is easily integrated into Google Sheets, and there are several ways to do it. Below we describe all currently available solutions.

Google Sheets Financial Add-In

We have created a Google Sheets Add-In for easy downloading our End Of Day (EOD), Intraday, and Fundamental data directly into your sheets. The Add-In includes downloading the data via End of Day API and downloading the data via Fundamental API. It’s easy to test and use, you just need to do the following actions:

  1. Download the ‘EOD Historical Data – API Connector’ add-on via Google Sheets and you can also find it here: Google Sheets Financial Add-In.

2. The installation is easy:

3. After the installation please refresh the page if you do not see the add-in icon on the right panel.

4. Insert your API token you get right after the free registration.

EOD Historical Data (IMPORTDATA function)

We support the ‘IMPORTDATA’ Google Sheet function. Just add ‘filter=last_close’ or ‘filter=last_volume’ with ‘fmt=json’, and you will get only one number which perfectly works with IMPORT functions for Google Sheets. This feature works for any End of Day or Fundamentals API request with the ‘filter’ parameter. For example, with this URL:


You will get one value – the last price for MCD.

The ‘WEBSERVICE’ function for Excel is also supported.


Another option is the integration with Apipheny Google Sheets service. It’s a very fast, flexible and not too expensive API used to import financial data into Google Sheets and automate your data pulls without breaking the bank. For this integration, an Apipheny subscription is required, however their prices are relatively low.

Complete documentation about integrating our Financial APIs with Google Sheets and Apipheny can be found here: https://apipheny.io/eod-historical-data-api/.


We also have integration with Cryptosheets, a great service with dozens of integrations with different APIs both with Google Sheets and Excel. All our APIs are integrated there, the service is flexible and very easy to use. For this integration, a Cryptosheets subscription is required.

Complete documentation about integrating our Financial APIs with Google Sheets and Cryptosheets can be found here: https://docs.cryptosheets.com/providers/eod-historical-data/.

Please let us know if you need more integrations with other services or better support for Google Sheets via support@eodhistoricaldata.com.

Enjoy the data!

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