In this video Jonathon shows you how to use the EODHD Financial APIs Excel add-in. Without any complicated code, you can easily get:
• Fundamental data for Stocks, ETF or Funds
• End-of-day historical data
• Intraday data
straight into an Excel sheet, where you can perform any analysis based on this data.

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To start with, follow the Documentation / NO CODING. Ready-To-Go Solutions / Excel Financial Add-In for EOD/Fundamentals Data. This tutorial gives you a brief overview of how to use the Excel Financial Add-in.

• Follow the link “Download our Excel-Addin”
• Open the executable file
• Run through the installation wizard for End-of-Day Add-in
• You’re done, and now you can open excel
• Within the Excel you’ll see the tab End of Day (if you don’t, go to the developer tool, check your com add-ins and look for EOD add-in and select it)

Go to the End-of-day, you’ll see three options here
• Get historical data
• Get intraday historical data
• Get fundamental data

01:07 — You can start with getting the historical data
To find the tickers that you’re interested in, for example Commonwealth Bank of Australia, you can find it in the searchbar and look for daily data or define the period to get the historical data.
As an example of defining time date ranges, you might want to get data from January 1, 2010, up to today and then to plot a chart.
It’s as simple as defining date ranges and clicking load, you’ll get a start and end range there and it’s easy to change it.
As the result you’ll get data all the way back from 2010, if you change this start date, the graph will automatically be updated. You can see the price series and of course you can use all this data for your own historical analysis.

02:00 — Then you can get the Intraday data
If you want to look at CBA.AU from the start of January 2020 all the way through today, you’ll need to define the time bars that you want to receive you’ll be able to choose from:
• one minute
• five minutes
• and one hour
For this example you can choose five minutes with chart and then just click LOAD. You’ll see how simple that will be. Please note: intraday timestamps use Unix timestamp codes. As the result you’ll get open, high, low, close and volume transacted.

02:45 — Now to get the Fundamental data into the Excel
By using the End of Day Historical Add-in you’re going to want to assign a new spreadsheet, so just come down to the bottom and click a new spreadsheet, then click get fundamental data, there you can see a number of choices for the financial data to get:
• the general or highlights of the business as a whole
• or we can get the three financial statements the balance sheet the income statement and the cash flow statement
• also there is a special tab with the earnings

03:15 — You can try to click “all data”
To get the Fundamental data for the AAPL (Apple), for example, just click Get fundamental data / All Data. As the result you’ll get all the data at once in an easy expandable format, including general ,highlights, balance sheet. That information could be transposed into any format you like. You’ll see that the data is going all the way through to today all the way back to 1985 for the income statement and cash flow statement as well.

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Hopefully you can see how easy it is to get key fundamental data for your business into excel using this add-in. You’ll also be able to get end-of-day, data extremely easily as well as intraday data at five minute one minute and one hour time candles.