This week we published the comprehensive .NET wrapper for all our APIs, including End-of-Day API, Fundamental API, Options API, and others, was written for us by Fred Blot. You can find the project on GitHub:

The wrapper is easy to use. This C# .NET wrapper for stock API is a stand-alone .NET project. For a quick start, we recommend to download binary files from the ‘Release’ folder and add it as a reference. The project is opensource and if you need better code understanding and/or debug possibilities, you can download the source code from the same GitHub repository.

More information about Instantiation and examples of API calls you can find on our documentation page for C# NET API Stock Wrapper.

Some words about the author

Fred Blot has a blog Autoquant ( It’s a blog about “life journey” as a retail autodidact quantitative trader to be. The blog is in French, but it’s easy to translate everything in our modern world. Fred also has a GitHub account: going-striker (

If you still have any questions just write us to


  1. Jens W

    Great library! Ideal startingpoint for interfacing. One tip:

    – In the JsonSerializerSettings (used throughout the BusinessObjects) set NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore! Otherwise you will experience an exception anytime a null value is returned.

    — sample —
    public static readonly JsonSerializerSettings Settings = new JsonSerializerSettings
    MetadataPropertyHandling = MetadataPropertyHandling.Ignore,
    DateParseHandling = DateParseHandling.None,
    NullValueHandling = NullValueHandling.Ignore,
    Converters =
    new IsoDateTimeConverter { DateTimeStyles = DateTimeStyles.AssumeUniversal }

    Once again thanks!