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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited (HKXCF PINK) stock market data APIs

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Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited, together with its subsidiaries, owns and operates stock exchanges and futures exchanges, and related clearing houses in Hong Kong, Mainland China, and the United Kingdom. It operates through Cash, Equity and Financial Derivatives, Commodities, and Data and Connectivity segments. The Cash segment covers various equity products traded on the cash market platforms of the Stock Exchange of Hong Kong Limited, the Shanghai Stock Exchange, and the Shenzhen Stock Exchange; clearing, settlement and custodian, listing, depository, and nominee services; and other related activities. The Equity and Financial Derivatives segment provides and maintains trading platforms for a range of equity and financial derivative products, such as stock and equity index futures and options, derivative warrants, callable bull/bear contracts and warrants, and over the counter (OTC) derivatives contracts. The Commodities segment operates an exchange for the trading of base, ferrous, and precious metals futures and options contracts in the United Kingdom; and operates Qianhai Mercantile Exchange Co., Ltd., a commodity trading platform in the Mainland. This segment also covers commodities contracts traded on Futures Exchange. The Data and Connectivity segment offers various services that provides access to the platform and infrastructure, as well as services of BayConnect Technology Company Limited; network, terminal user, data line and software sublicense, and hosting services; and sells market data relating to the Hong Kong cash and derivatives markets. The company serves issuers and investors. Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited was incorporated in 1999 and is based in Central, Hong Kong.

Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited Financial Data Overview

45 301 M
1 265 M
20 036 M
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General: {
Code: 'HKXCF',
Type: 'Common Stock',
Name: 'Hong Kong Exchanges and Clearing Limited',
Exchange: 'PINK',
CurrencyCode: 'USD',
CurrencyName: 'US Dollar',
CurrencySymbol: '$',
CountryName: 'USA',
CountryISO: 'US',
OpenFigi: 'BBG000CTC1L3',
CIK: '1445476',
EmployerIdNumber: NULL,
FiscalYearEnd: 'December',
InternationalDomestic: NULL,
Sector: 'Financial Services',
Industry: 'Financial Data & Stock Exchanges',
HomeCategory: NULL,
IsDelisted: false,

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  • Net Revenue 20 036 M
  • EBITDA 13 621 M
  • Earnings Per Share 1.16
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