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$40 /month

The bundle that includes all our APIs:

  • Basic Technical Analysis
  • Candlestick
  • Chartism
  • Ichimoku

Basic Technical Analysis

$15 /month

Elevate your trading insights with our "Basic Technical Analysis" API, your gateway to essential tools for informed decision-making and profitable trading. For all EOD supported assets.


$15 /month

Traders around the world rely on candlestick charts to anticipate price movements by recognizing patterns from the past. Our Candlestick Pattern Analysis API empowers you to harness these insights effortlessly. Many trading algorithms rely on the same price information presented in candlestick charts. For all EOD supported assets.


$15 /month

Experience the future of technical analysis with our cutting-edge Chart Pattern Detection API. Unlock the power of pattern recognition, advanced AI models, and data-driven insights to make your trading strategy more efficient and profitable. For all EOD supported assets.


$15 /month

Experience the art of Ichimoku pattern recognition like never before. Our Ichimoku Pattern Detection provides both active and finished pattern detection along with comprehensive pattern descriptions. For all EOD supported assets.

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